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Undoubtedly you have arrived here to learn more about future architecture, its evolution and the practice as embodied in the work of our members around the world. While future architecture is continuously being defined, it fundamentally acknowledges the interconnectedness of all living things and thus is about relational transformation, further defined as the pursuit of societal transformation connected to personal transformation. The starting point of future architecture is a personal journey to architect one’s self with intention and rigor. When an individual experiences elevated beauty as defined in this context, their capacity to improve the quality of their relationships will increase, therefore establishing a foundation for healthier cultural, political and socioeconomic systems. The Guild of Future Architects attracts practitioners who may or may not have used the term ‘future architecture’ to describe their work. The mission of the organization is to galvanize future architects around the world to work together to raise humanity’s collective consciousness for radical transformation; give birth to more diverse and sophisticated organizing forces; and usher in a new era of equitable societies bound by shared values. Within GoFApedia you will find the the basics of this evolving art form including values, design principles, initial pillars and programs as well as be able to track growth and adaptation in the field as members redefine and re-invent the systems that sustain us, challenging established assumptions, and leaning on our collective imagination to co-author inclusive change that prioritizes the environment and human well-being.

Welcome to GoFApedia.

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